Stock Screener

Stock Screener – a tool that allows users to screen for stocks that meet defined criteria. Users start by defining factors such as market, capitalisation, sector, industry and country. Additional screens exist for a range of investment factors such as a stock’s fundamentals, profitability, valuation, revenue, dividends, performance, etc. Output from this screening tool can be broken down for analysis and viewed based on various categories such as stock performance, compound growth rates, profit margins, dividends, valuations, and rankings. For more advanced traders, technical analysis is also available on different daily timeframes. This can be a useful tool to allow users to home in on stocks that meet very specific investment and performance criteria. This makes for more effective investment planning. It is also useful to examine stocks that perform to an investor’s expectations to build a diversified portfolio. It is possible to select various markets such as the S&P 500, DOW, NASDAQ, Russell 1000 and OTC as well as various sectors, industries and countries to analyse. Data from this analysis can be transferred to a watchlist or used for back-testing investment ideas.

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