DOW 30 (DJI) HeatMap


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HeatMap is a useful visual tool to quickly see how different stocks are performing using a green to red colour scheme to reflect gains or losses, with scaling demonstrating the chosen criterion, such as market cap. Use of the tool ranges from getting a high-level overview of individual stock performance in markets such as DOW 30, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 or Russell 1000, to filtering down criteria such as sector performance or Wall Street analysts’ recommendations. Users can also analyse ETF, Forex, OTC and EU Stocks. The tool also allows users to filter by market, market cap, sector, industry and country to conduct investment planning and build diversified portfolios. Additional filtering tools also permit users to search for stocks that match a combination of approximately 85 different performance criteria such as PE Ratio, YTD Performance, EPS Estimates or Revenue Growth. Or users can choose from a list of pre-set filters such as “undervalued large cap stocks”. Users can choose tickers to highlight or exclude to gain additional insight. All results can be transferred to watchlists or downloaded for backtesting.

Basic functionality description: Move a cursor over the cell to see the security details pop-up and peer group comparison. Click or double tap (tablet) on the cell to see the Ratio history (if applicable). Double click on the cell to move to the Ticker. You can turn off or on the pop-up using the on/off toggle on the top of the site.

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