Finscreener Guide

This is the description of data, functionality and structure offered by

Data is displayed as follows:
For all the others: Forex, Cryptocurrencies: real time with 30 seconds refresh.
NASDAQ: 15 minutes, NYSE, AMEX: 20 minutes, ETF: 20 minutes, OTC: 20 minutes, Commodities, Indices, Treasuries: 10 minutes delayed, with 30 second refresh.

Functionality of each page is equipped with filter tool. Complexity of filter defers from markets and security type. Most furnished are US Stocks. Filter on left upper side is segmental. Filter on right upper side is ratio screening. Each relevant page gives excel, save, load, reset, watchlist and backtesting options. Stock Screener gives also notification option.

Best % in the advanced filters means that it will filter the best securities according to chosen parameter by desired percentage value. Best % filters from what has already been filtered, so if any other filtration criteria are applied, it will filter from that set.

The structure is organized as follows:

My desk – Customizable page that can be set as a landing page

Map comprises Heatmap, Bubble Chart, Histogram and Forex Heatmap. Colored and Sized presentation of various ratios. Values of different ratios and indicators are presented either by color, size or a position on the maps.

Screener offers different options for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX Stocks screening. Stock screener as tool for customized screening. Opportunity screener as preset regular and periodical screening. Top Gainers, Top Losers, Most Active and Uncommon Value screeners of Markets daily evaluation. Best Dividends Stocks notices and reports. Price Range Ratio list.

Analyst section offers Most Recommended Stocks, New Ratings and Target Price and Potential. All with graphical history in detail. All these sections cover NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX Stocks.

Earnings offers Earnings Calendar with estimated EPS, Earnings Reported with positive or negative surprise, Earnings Ratings with EPS growth and Earnings Preannouncements with surprise. Each of it with 8 quarters history. Earnings Estimates with consensus EPS estimates history and trend. Plus relevant Earnings News. Covers all the Stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX.

Insider offers Insider Trades and Insider Summary. Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Covers all the Stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX.

Quotes offers Actual Quotes, Historical Quotes , DashBoard, ChartBoard and your My DashBoard and My Charboard. This section covers Stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Commodities, ETF’s, OTC Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Indices, Treasuries. Historical data date back to 2007 for all the securities and to 2012 for Cryptocurrencies.

News section is categorized to Market & Economy, Earnings, Dividends, Ratings, Insider, IPO´s, Stock Split, Mergers & Acquisitions, Buyback, Commodities, Broker Research, Economic Calendar.

Backtesting offers back test with simple and complex methods. Detailed Guide is on the page.

My Portfolio offers Portfolio, Watchlist and Alerts for all securities. It comes with relevant Overview, Allocation, Transactions, Fundamentals, Financials, Technical Summary, Performance and Charts. Definition of the formulas. And Portfolio Management.