Interview with QuantInsti - a pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute

Author: Peter Matasek

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Publication date: 18th Jun 2021 23:09 GMT+1

Can you explain what is your company doing and its mission?

QuantInsti is a pioneering algorithmic and quantitative trading research institute with a registered user base in 200+ countries and territories. Our flagship course, Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) is the world’s first verified certification, offered to professionals looking to enter or grow in the algorithmic and quantitative trading industry. We also launched our interactive self-paced learning portal, Quantra, offering 35+ interactive courses and tools for quant, created under the guidance of successful practitioners.

With the mission of becoming a global knowledge and technology powerhouse in the quantitative and algorithmic trading domain, We also launched Blueshift in 2018 to offer trading, research and backtesting capabilities for users in both Indian and US markets with minute level data. We work closely with top global financial and educational institutions through their content, delivery and research tools.


Can you give an example of who your customer is?

Anyone who wants to benefit from a scientific way of trading. From experienced day traders, analysts, technocrats, data scientists to freshers and aspirants like full-time students.


How many people work with you?

We are a team of around 70 quants, traders, coders and learners who love to teach!


What markets do you do best?

Our content is consumed across the globe and we have a registered user base in 200+ countries and territories. Considering our content is developed primarily in English, US, UK, EU, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India are the dominant geographies.


What is your business inspiration for you? (it can be a specific business and what they do well)

iRage (our parent firm) is one of the leading quantitative & algorithmic trading firms in Indian financial markets. We always wanted to pass our experience to individuals. Our aim is to help the users with a solid foundation. Help them in identifying opportunities and filling the knowledge gap in the industry.


What's the latest trend in your segment?

Beginners are learning to use Python for developing and backtesting algo trading strategies with the help of abundant Pythonic libraries. Professionals are applying machine learning and artificial intelligence in trading and portfolio management. Using advanced natural language processing for sentiment analysis and make use of alternative market data. Moving to cloud-based technology infrastructure to get easy access to high-end resources at a much lower cost (on pro rata basis).


What are your next steps? Are you going to focus on something specifically? If so why?

Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations with a complete ecosystem for quantitative and algorithmic trading. Hence our next steps are to continue making algorithmic trading more accessible through our educational content and support our educational initiatives by developing best in class tools/platforms and providing mentorship from industry stalwarts.


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