Interview with NeuraMetrix - a brain health measuring tool

Author: Peter Matasek

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Publication date: 25th Jun 2021 00:03 GMT+1

Can you explain what is your company doing and its mission?

Our mission is to dramatically increase the quality of diagnosis and monitoring of brain diseases and mental disorders through delivering data in the inconsistency of a subject's typing cadence.


Can you give an example of who your customer is?

Pharma and clinics.


How many people work with you?



The labor market has been difficult to find qualified people lately, do you have this problem?

We will face this issue after our next funding round.


What markets do you do best?

Pharma and researchers at university medical centers


What's the latest trend in your segment?

Much larger awareness of the large numbers of people with mental disorders and the challenges in treating them.


If someone wants to start a business in your industry right now, what advice you would give him?

Come equipped with a very large amount of patience...


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