Interview with HR solution software EddyHR

Author: Peter Matasek

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Publication date: 2nd Mar 2020 13:00 GMT+1

Try to explain what EddyHR is doing:

EddyHR helps businesses find, hire, retain and empower world-class teams so they can become world-class businesses. We’re doing this by creating the easiest all-in-one HR software solution for small to medium-sized businesses.


Can you give an example of who your customer is?

CEO’s, COO’s, HR managers and Admins in small to midsized businesses who are bound by the inefficiencies of outdated processes. We primarily serve small and medium-sized businesses because they are the ones who need this the most. They can’t afford an enterprise-scale solution, and they don’t need one. EddyHR was built with SMBs in mind for the sole purpose of solving SMB problems.


How many people work with you?

We have an agile team of 22 employees. Four software developers, two Q/A specialists, a product team of three, three marketers, two on operations, and eight on our sales/customer service team.


The labor market has been difficult to find qualified people lately, do you have this problem?

It is hard to find great people. We have an incredible culture that attracts the right people and our team continues to spread the word to their friends when positions open. Our current team is the best team I have ever been apart of.  Many of them were some of the early product and development employees at and are true experts in what they do. We’ve really got a world-class product and engineering team right now, and that shows through when you’re using EddyHR.


What markets do you do best and are you thinking about expanding into other markets?

Small to Medium size businesses love us and we love them. We have customers in just about every industry from software to services to restaurants to medical.


Right now we’re focusing our resources on building the feature set that our customers are asking for. We are completely committed to making our customers happy, and that takes innovation, execution and really listening to our customers.


What's the latest trend in your segment?

One of the biggest trends in the HR space right now is the importance of company culture and employee experience. As we mentioned earlier, it is hard to find great people and keep them. Sometimes your salary offering is acceptable, but other companies can beat it, so you have to provide something they can’t.

 This shows up in providing an amazing work environment, forming great teams and providing great experiences along the way. We spend a lot of time at work and more people are prioritizing being completely fulfilled at work over a bigger paycheck.


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