Interview with a full reserve financial institution entirely built on the blockchain Mt Pelerin

Author: Peter Matasek

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Publication date: 23rd Apr 2020 12:11 GMT+1

Can you give an example of who your customer is?

Mt Pelerin has developed one of the most advanced tokenization technology, which allows to create digital assets and work with them professionally with a deep level of compliance control. Today, we provide a whole range of services to help companies use that technology and start benefiting from the advantages that tokenization can bring. These services cover technical, financial, compliance and legal aspects, and they really facilitate the access to this new technology for customers as they can get all the help need to start working with digital assets with a single provider. Typically, most of these customers are SMEs interested to tokenize their company's shares. We also work with larger companies on tokenization projects, such as fund or real estate tokenization.


How many people work with you?

Currently we are a team of about a dozen persons here in Geneva. All our tech is developed in-house, which gives us a unique capability to adapt our services and customize products according to the needs of the customer.


The labor market has been difficult to find qualified people lately, do you have this problem?

Not at all. Being a Fintech company active in a cutting-edge domain like tokenization conveys a strong image to potential recruits: it is a small structure with an innovative environment that has a lot of space for autonomy and meaningful contributions. It is a field of work that creates a lot of interest and curiosity, and as a result when we search for a new recruit we usually find the right person fairly easily. The fact of being located in an international financial hub like Geneva definitely helps too.


What markets do you do best?

Our strongest market today is equity tokenization. For that particular use case, we have a field-tested process that enables a company - existing or in formation, to digitalize their shares and optionally setup a public offering in a matter of days for an unbeatable price.


Are you thinking about expanding into other markets?

Mt Pelerin is seeking today the licences to establish a full reserve financial institution in Switzerland. We have the ambition to start offering retail and SME customers a first-rate digital experience with multi-currency account, card and payments, and use that as a base to progressively enable access to tokenized financial products. It will be an amazing bridge between the mass market and the new tokenized economy.


What's the latest trend in your segment?

The DeFi trend has started showing in a short amount of time extremely interesting use cases that demonstrate the power of tokenization in how it radically facilitates the access to financial products. With services like Compound or RealT, anyone can access high yield opportunities that have never be available to the crowd. They do so with very simple approaches, although interfaces and user friendliness still require improvements. All of it is really encouraging for us, as it shows that Mt Pelerin's philosophy of democratizing and decentralizing finance in a way that is designed for the masses is the right direction.


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