Interview with a digital currency account CoinJar

Author: Peter Matasek

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Publication date: 25th Feb 2020 13:05 GMT+1

Try to explain what CoinJar is doing:

CoinJar is a digital currency account. CoinJar allows users to buy, sell, store and use cryptocurrency to experience all its benefits. Our cryptocurrency-enabled debit card and mobile app have put bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. At CoinJar our sights are set on building digital currency experiences -- best-in-class products that bring simplicity without compromising on features.


Can you give an example of who your customer is?

Our easy-to-use mobile apps make cryptocurrency accessible so we have a wider demographic of users compared to other services. Main interests of customers are unsurprisingly are technology, current events and investing. 


How many people work with you?

The CoinJar team is about 20 people.


The labor market has been difficult to find qualified people lately, do you have this problem?

Quality talent is hard to come by, especially in software development where skills are in short supply around the world. At CoinJar we predominantly look for existing experience in software engineering and product. In candidate assessment, we put less weight on proficiency in digital currencies as we can train those skills in-house.

What markets do you do best?

For the last 7-years we have almost exclusively catered to the Australian market. 


Are you thinking about expanding into other markets?

In 2020, we are relaunching our products in the United Kingdom. We have other European markets on our roadmap as well. 


What's the latest trend in your segment

Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies are increasingly being used as collateral. This is occurring in both decentralised applications known as DeFi, and more traditional finance firms. Bitcoin’s unique properties make it useful for lending and credit provision.


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