How to Find Investment Opportunities with Finscreener

Author: Gary Ashton

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

Publication date: 10th Feb 2020 09:43 GMT+1

Investing can be intimidating at times, even for experienced investors. Luckily is here to help make the security selection process more manageable. Some of our most popular functions for new and advanced investors alike are our award-winning stock screening tools, designed to help investors find precisely the stocks that match the criteria they specify.

One of our most popular tools is the Finscreener Ranking Screener (FS Stock Ranking). This tool finds the best value, growth, income, and overall stocks for you according to specified ratios and indicators. Buy cheap, growing, stable and reliable stocks using our tool and profit from the markets. We take several financial ratios according to the FS Stock scoring algorithm and rank them from the best to the worst. We calculate the position of the company to the whole investment universe and assign a star ranking system. The best 10% of companies have five stars and the worst have 0 stars.

The beauty of this screener is the fact that it gives investors both an overall star ranking called Finscreener rank, but also offers scores and ranks a stock based on if it is a good growth or value investment. Rankings are displayed all in one place for easy comparison. has other tools that allow investors to drill down and find more specific growth or value stocks.

Looking for Growth Investments

If you are the type of investor who is looking for stocks that are on the up making new price highs or highly traded, then two screens that may interest you are our Top Gainers screen that shows which stocks are making new highs and our Most Active screen that shows which stocks are generating the most considerable interest in the market.

One advantage of both the Top Gainers and Most Active screens is the ability to sort stocks over different time horizons from one month to five years to see how well they have performed in line with your investment horizon. One possible investment strategy could be to construct a portfolio with names that show up on both screens. For example, we could look for 10-15 S&P 500 mega-cap stocks (market capitalization over $200 billion) or large-cap stocks that show up on both screens when we sort the six-month percentage change in descending order. Stocks that show up will be making new price highs on substantial volume, which can be a sign of market support.

Looking for Value Investments

Other investors prefer investments that generate a stable income instead of being invested in the hot and flashy sectors. That is fine because has a tool for these investors too. If income investing is what you seek, then take a closer look at our Best Dividend Stock screen. With this tool, investors can search for stocks that will pay an income in the form of a dividend. The tool allows investors to pick stocks based on several factors, from dividend yield to’s proprietary income ranking. The tool provides other useful information, such as the Ex-dividend date.

Disclaimer: The writer is an experienced financial consultant who writes for The observations he makes are his own and are not intended as investment or trading advice.