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Enter tickers and initial capital

You can enter tickers one after another, add initial capital and transfer it to the results table
by clicking on the “plus” button.

You can choose set of tickers by filtering market, market cap, sector, industry and county.
After that, enter initial capital and transfer the chosen dataset, by clicking on the “plus”
button. Into the results table.

You can combine both methods.

Once you transferred the testing set and initial capital into the results table, you cannot add
another one. But you can remove ticker from the results table by clicking on the “x” icon

Choose Long or Short trade

Just select from the drop-down menu.

Allocate tickers as a pool or individually.

You can test tickers individually or as a pool.

Individual testing assigns to each ticker equal value of initial capital, checks criteria and
makes transactions of each ticker independently from another.

Pool testing tests set of tickers as a group. It checks every criterion for all the tickers from
the set and makes transactions according to capital at risk for one position and maximum
size of portfolio at one moment. You can also prioritize the tickers for BUY transaction.
Otherwise it is prioritized in the sequence from the bottom of the result table.


Just select start and end of testing period.

Stop Loss, Take profit

Enter your stop loss and take profit parameters.

Benchmark, Risk-free-return, Transaction fee

Enter Benchmark ticker, risk-free-return percent and transaction fee percent.


Choose from the drop-down the preset or custom strategy.
At preset strategy you can change periods at each one.
At custom strategy you can create plenty of combinations.


Run your test to see the results in table or graph view.